Banana Loaf - Serves 8-12

Banana Loaf - Serves 8-12

This loaf really hits the spot - whether it’s for fuelling before a session lasting longer than an hour, during a bike ride or run, or as your recovery snack after training with some extra Greek yogurt (see below). Long lasting energy in bounds, natural sweetness from the ripe bananas, protein and fibre from the ground nuts and seeds, and a nice texture that isn’t dry that really works as a snack on the bike or in the bush trail blazing.

Celebrating success

Celebrating success

Celebrating success - how often do we do this? Probably not as often as we should! Well, today I’ve decided to share this lovely review from one of the most fantastic teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with - the NZ Elite Women’s Underwater Hockey Team, who were crowned World Champions in August this year.

Health and Performance Risks of Underfuelling

Health and Performance Risks of Underfuelling

A new study* has found that stress fractures are a whopping 4.5 X more common in athletes suffering from RED-S, or relative energy deficiency in sport, due to inadequate nutrition. 

Over time, underfuelling leads directly to depleted energy levels, menstrual cycle irregularities in females, low testosterone levels in males, stress fractures, and for many, repeating cycles of injury and recovery.

What to drink during exercise

Water = First Drink of Choice

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.38.53 PM.png

·      For < 60 minutes of low to moderate intensity exercise

·      Not a source of electrolytes

·      Heavy sweaters may need additional sodium from an electrolyte supplement  (see below)


Electrolyte Supplements

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·      Contain sodium, chloride, potassium and other minerals (amounts vary)

·      For moderate to hard intensity exercise, 30 minutes to multi-day

·      Good choice for heavy &/or salty sweaters

·      Good for warm/hot environments

·      For exercise > 60 minutes of moderate to hard intensity, use in conjunction with fuel from food 


Sports Drinks

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·      Contain carbohydrate (5-7g/100ml) and electrolytes (amounts vary)

·      Good for > 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise

·      Provides fuel 

·      Good for warm/hot environments

·      Heavy sweaters may need additional sodium from an electrolyte supplement or salty food   


For an individualised approach to your hydration plan, come and see us for some expert advice.

Xterra Hydration Advice

Xterra Hydration Advice

Hydration needs are highly individualised due to variations in sweat rates between people, and even for the same person exercising in different conditions. Sweat rate is influenced by a number of factors including:

  • Body size – larger body sizes tend to sweat more

  • Fitness level – fitter athletes generally start to sweat earlier

  • Genetics – some people naturally sweat more than others

  • Temperature – hot and humid conditions increase sweat rates

  • Wind – air flow over the skin improves body cooling and reduces sweat rates

  • Exercise intensity – as intensity increases, so does sweat rate