Celebrating success

We worked with Becky from the Performance Pantry during our build up for the 2018 World Underwater Hockey Championships. Her presentations were informative in an engaging way which inspired the players to take control of their nutrition. There was no doubt that this was a crucial component in our gold medal win! 

Team talk in the thick of it!

Team talk in the thick of it!

Becky ensured our athletes knew what their bodies needed during their intense training phase leading to less illness and more training gains. She also worked individually with team members where extra help was needed. 

Travel and competition nutrition was also guided by Becky who worked very closely with our team manager to ensure the team could recover between close games and be at their peak for the full 10 days. 

It was noted by other teams how the NZ Women were 'fuelling' at particular times during their warm up and at half time. This really paid off in the final game where the game was drawn at full time (30 mins) and resulted in an extra 23 minutes of game time where the NZ team managed to win the gold medal with a 'golden' goal. 

Rebecca Brosnan - Coach
NZ Women’s Underwater Hockey