Fuelling Xterra Wellington

We are stoked to be supporting the Xterra Trail Running series in Wellington. We'll be at every race with a different sports nutrition theme helping you figure out what to eat & drink for your Xterra adventures. We've kicked off Race One talking about what to fuel with before a training run, so get reading below to find out more.


Snacks can be an important source of fuel and carbohydrate before training as they help to keep energy levels stable and can improve the quality of training.  They also help to enhance the body’s response to training, helping you become fitter, faster, and stronger. The size and energy content of your snacks will depend on how much training you do, body size, and your overall nutrition goals.

We are all for wholefoods snacks made at home but when life gets busy with training, work, and other important stuff, sometimes you need to rely on quick snack options. The next time you find yourself in a rush, try some of these options to get you through:

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