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“Race day revolves around Fuelling, Recovery & Rehydration” Have you got your plan sorted?

Getting ready for the NZ Short Course Championships? Not sure about what to eat or drink on race day, or competing across multiple events?

Get some solid sports nutrition advice and ideas with our new Swimming Race Day Nutrition Plan. Using our expert knowledge and experience working with some of NZ best swimmers, including medalists at Commonwealth Games, Para Games and World Championships, we’ve put together a sweet guide to help you with WHAT & WHEN to eat and drink and loads of ideas for inbetween races - as we know this can be hard to figure out with the racing schedules.

Trust us to help you perform at your best, who knows, a PB or podium finish may await you!


A HUGE congratulations to the 4 NZ Underwater hockey teams who all placed on the podium at the recent World Championships in the UK. 3 Golds & 1 Bronze is outstanding work!!

We are stoked to have provided nutrition advice to all the teams for their campaigns, following on from the support given to the winning Elite teams last year in Canada. Such a dedicated bunch of athletes, working away every day to achieve their goals, and boy, hasn't it paid off!

We'll soon be sharing some of our winning nutrition tips for Underwater Hockey as part of our new online plans…watch this space….