We offer a nationwide NZ service via video and phone as well as face-to-face appointments from our clinic in Wellington CBD. For video or phone consults, just drop us a note and your contact details either when you book online or via the contact page so we know how to get in touch with you.

Prices below include GST


Initial Consultation - 60 minutes

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Involves discussing your goals and exploring your current nutrition intake, lifestyle factors and training demands etc. We also look at the big nutrition picture and get an gauge on other nutrition aspects that might need some attention, for example, iron or calcium needs for your age or sport. Depending on why you’ve come to see us, we could make suggestions to meals, provide snack ideas, discuss timing of nutrients around training or which supplements could be worth thinking about.

Initial Consult with Megan Healy - $150

Initial Consult with Becky Jones - $170

Please see our philosophy on prescriptive meal plans versus our approach with long-term individual nutrition recommendations.

Initial Consult with Body Composition - 90 minutes


An Initial Consultation with a complete, world class and gold standard ISAK body composition assessment. These measurements are considered one of the most accurate ways of measuring and tracking changes in muscle and fat mass over time. Data can yeild interesting information about your natural body type and can also be used to make adjustments, or not, to nutrition recommendations.

Please bring shorts & a T-shirt or singlet

MINIMUM AGE: 18 years

Initial Consult & Body Composition - Megan Healy - $220

Initial Consult & Body Composition - Becky Jones - $240

Follow Up Consult - 30 minutes

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A great opportunity to reflect and perfect after your initial consultation, often 2-4 weeks after our initial meeting. We'll check in with how things are going and pay attention to what is working well and look at things that need a bit more time or work. This is really useful when figuring out what nutrition and hydration strategies work for a race plan.

Follow up Consult - Megan Healy $80

Follow up Consult - Becky Jones $90

Follow Up and Body Composition - 60 minutes


A follow up nutrition consult with a full repeat of your ISAK assessment (your body type, skinfolds and circumference data etc.). We’ll look at the data together to gauge differences and/or similarities and how your nutrition recommendations are working out.

Please bring shorts & a T-shirt or singlet

Follow up Consult & Body Composition - Megan Healy $150

Follow up Consult & Body Composition - Becky Jones $160


Kindly note our Cancellation and No Show Policy here:


We ask that you please provide a minimum 24 hours notice for all cancellations and rescheduling of appointments. Late cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment may incur a fee as follows: 

Payment of 50% of appointment fee if less than 24 hours notice provided

It is not our aim to make profits from cancellation fees, rather to make sure those appointment times are kept available for others who want or need them. We do appreciate that, in some circumstances, short notice may occasionally be unavoidable, and discretion will be exercised in such cases.

If you don’t show for your appointment, aka you are a No Show, then this will incur a fee as follows:

Payment of 100% of appointment fee

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.