Megan Healy - Sports Nutritionist

  • Sports Nutrition Essentials (Sports Dietitians Australia)

  • ISAK Level 1 (Body composition)

  • Graduate Cert in Science & Technology - Human Nutrition

  • Pg Cert Education in Science

  • BA and MA Natural Sciences

In Progress:

  • Pg Dip Science & Technology (Human Nutrition)

Megan is enhancing her current sports nutrition knowledge and experience through additional study with Sports Dietitians Australia, who are among the best in the business! She has a true passion for learning, sharing her knowledge and teaching which is a perfect fit for working in the nutrition field.

Megan Golf.jpg

Being a mum to two active, sporty children also keeps Megan busy and she understands how to help them fuel their brains and bodies for school, soccer, volleyball and any other sport going that they are into!

In addition to playing golf and tennis, Megan also loves exploring the great outdoors tramping and open water swimming with distances ranging from 2 to 5km - go Megan!

Individual Appointments: January 2019

Megan will be taking on individual clients in two Sports Nutrition Clinics from mid-January 2019 on a Wednesday and Friday, with a range of clients including:

  • Active Juniors & Teenage/Development Athletes

  • Recreational Adult Athletes aka Everyday athletes

  • Female Recreational Athlete Health Concerns, including menopause

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Recreational Athletes

She can provide high quality and trusted advice on:

Fuelling, Recovery, Hydration, Increasing Muscle Mass, Race Day Advice

Restoring Low Iron levels, Feeding Active Juniors & Busy Teens

Nutrition Workshops:

Megan also takes nutrition workshops for a range of sports and sports academies. Get in touch below for your specific workshop requirements.