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No we don't - but hear us out on this one. Meal plans rarely help people to improve their overall eating habits, here's why. They are too rigid and prescriptive and become too hard to follow. We end up feeling unnecessarily guilty because we didn't follow the plan. Life gets busy and things change, so it's really important to be flexible and go with the flow.

If you've ever followed a meal plan how often have you thought "I wonder if I'm allowed......?" e.g. chocolate cake. This is really crazy; there shouldn't be any foods off limits, and again if you were to eat that chocolate cake, chances are those guilty feelings would come knocking again. Not good for your mental health, right? 

Meal plans are often designed with nutrients in mind like protein, carbohydrates and fats, and the problem with this is we don't eat in nutrients, we eat food. Food that's shared with family, friends and that sometimes is celebratory, or completely functional e.g. fuel for a busy workday crammed with meetings. A plan with measured protein and carb servings is just not going to work on those days, or any day to be honest.

So, giving someone a shiny meal plan is setting that person up to fail, getting into a dieting trap, overthinking food, and generally not helping change eating behaviours - exactly the opposite of what the client is after. 


We tailor every piece of advice to work with you; your health, your lifestyle, your sport or training. We make specific goals together so you can work on bite sized chunks of change, rather than a whole meal plan worth of change. We love this approach, and our clients love it too

We do design Specific Plans for temporary goals like cutting weight for a boxing fight or rowing, and these are only followed for a short length of time. We do of course design race plans, which are tailored to your event e.g. cycling, Ironman, swimming tournament etc. 

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Yes, we can do our appointments over a video call or over the phone. The only service we can't offer is body composition assessment, for obvious reasons! If you want to book a video call or phone appointment just let us know when you make your booking.

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Do i need to bring a food diary TO MY APPOINTMENT?

No, bringing a food diary isn't essential as we'll go over what types of food & drinks you typically include in your diet but you are welcome to bring one along if you prefer.