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We are Wellington's leading Sports Nutrition experts & committed to help you achieve your best! From every day athletes and weekend warriors (like us!) to elite competitors, we'll help you through our personalised approach to your nutrition goals. Nutrition is often overlooked in many sports & activities, but it has real potential to enhance training and performance, whether that’s running faster, lasting the distance, maintaining concentration or whatever you need to feel good, have fun and do your best!

Come spend some time with us to understand the awesome power of nutrition for your best in health & performance. We offer a nationwide NZ service via video and phone consults as well as in person appointments from our clinic in Wellington CBD. 



New Sports Nutrition clinics 2019: Megan healy

Megan is taking on individual clients in two Sports Nutrition Clinics from mid-January on a Wednesday and Friday, with a range of clients including:

  • Active Juniors & Teenage/Development Athletes

  • Recreational Adult Athletes aka Everyday athletes

  • Female Recreational Athlete Health Concerns, including menopause

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Recreational Athletes

  • Body Composition Services

She can provide high quality and trusted advice on:

Fuelling, Recovery, Hydration, Increasing Muscle Mass, Race Day Nutrition Advice

Restoring Low Iron levels, Feeding Active Juniors & Busy Teens

Welcome Megan!