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We are Wellington's expert Sports Nutrition Professionals & committed about helping you achieve your best! Everyday athletes to elite competitors, we'll help you through our individualised approach. You dedicate hours to training so why not spend some time with us to gain huge rewards in all things health & performance.

Some of the amazing people we've privileged to work with:

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My training programme is very intense & my food intake has had a major impact on my performance. I credit part of my success at the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas to Becky as I had some of my best performances of my career to date.
— Lewis Clareburt, NZ Swimmer & Commonwealth Youth Games Medalist
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For a sport like triathlon where nutrition is the fourth discipline, I found Becky’s guidance, professionalism and support invaluable, and I believe has been critical to my success in the sport.
I went to see Becky when I transitioned from racing standard distance triathlons to the half ironman distance. I needed guidance on ensuring I was adequately fueled for the increase in training load and to develop a plan for pre, during and post racing. Over a number of sessions Becky helped me change my diet to increase the right amount and type of energy I was getting in – the effects of which I noticed immediately in my training. We also developed a comprehensive race plan which I’ve continued to use since.
— Rebecca Elliot, NZ Age Group Winner Taupo 70.3 & Pro Racer