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“We invited Megan for a group presentation about fueling before and after training for our games.  We had our U13's-U17's girls and our Women's first team and they really enjoyed Megan workshop. The First team girls are now starting drinking an after-match smoothie to help their recovery. Thank you so much for the right messages.”

Guillermo Schiltenwolf



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“We worked with Becky from the Performance Pantry during our build up for the 2018 World Underwater Hockey Championships in Canada. Her presentations were informative in an engaging way which inspired the players to take control of their nutrition. There was no doubt that this was a crucial component in our gold medal win! 

Becky ensured our athletes knew what their bodies needed during their intense training phase leading to less illness and more training gains. She also worked individually with team members where extra help was needed. 

Travel and competition nutrition was also guided by Becky who worked very closely with our team manager to ensure the team could recover optimally between close games and be at their peak for the full 10 days. 

It was noted by other teams how the NZ Women were 'fuelling' at particular times during their warm up and at half time. This really paid off in the final game where the game was drawn at full time (30 mins) and resulted in an extra 23 minutes of game time where the NZ team managed to win the gold medal with a 'golden' goal.”

Rebecca Brosnan - Coach
NZ Women’s Elite Underwater Hockey Team


"Thank you so much for your guidance for my hydration and nutrition for the New Caledonia half marathon! I had a great run and really enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for all your guidance! It definitely helped me finish with a smile and I'm very happy with my time of 2.04! Thank you so much again! It has given me so much confidence for the next adventure!" 



“So sincerely Megan, thank you for your help and guidance. I'm sitting at home and I feel like a million bucks! It wasn't that long ago that a good training session would have me laid out on the couch for the rest of the day, with the meals you've got me eating and the guidance you've provided I feel like I could go and do my physical appraisal test all over again now!”

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Lewis Clareburt, NZ Swimmer & Commonwealth Games Medalist

"My training programme is very intense & my food intake has had a major impact on my performance. I credit part of my success at the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas to Becky as I had some of my best performances of my career to date."

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''At the Swimzone Racing Swim Club we take all aspects of our athlete’s preparations seriously, that is why we use the sports nutrition experts from The Performance Pantry.

The knowledge we have gained for our coaching staff, swimmers and their parents has been instrumental in our swimmers being healthier, stronger and faster.

We love their professionalism, we value their experience and we thrive on their ability to get the right message across to everyone in our Team. We use The Performance Pantry team for group presentations and for athletes who need more one on one assistance.

We want to work with the best to get the best out of our athletes, that is why we always seek the specialised knowledge and guidance from the Team at The Performance Pantry.''

Kieran Garcia, Muay Thai Master

Middle Weight, Muay Thai

Middle Weight, Muay Thai

"I went to see Becky seeking advice on how to safely cut weight for fights, after a large weight cut that involved dehydration and left me feeling far less than 100% when it came time to compete. While seeing Becky I lost fat and weight while retaining muscle & was able to achieve fight weight while still feeling great and training hard, even being able to eat well on weigh in days.

If you're serious about your sport and performing at your best I would definitely recommend getting in touch with The Performance Pantry!"

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Rebecca Elliot, NZ Age Group Winner Taupo 70.3 & PRo RaceR

I went to see Becky when I transitioned from racing standard distance triathlons to the half ironman distance.  I needed guidance on ensuring I was adequately fueled for the increase in training load and to develop a plan for pre, during and post racing.  Over a number of sessions Becky helped me change my diet to increase the right amount and type of energy I was getting in – the effects of which I noticed immediately in my training. We also developed a comprehensive race plan which I’ve continued to use since. For a sport like triathlon where nutrition is the fourth discipline, I found Becky’s guidance, professionalism and support invaluable, and I believe has been critical to my success in the sport.

Jo's Incredible Iron Maori Journey

Jo Mawson, Iron Maori Finisher & Inspiration

Jo Mawson, Iron Maori Finisher & Inspiration

“ I made a decision to take part in a training group - the goal was to complete an 1/2 Ironman – Iron Maori Dec 2017. The physical training was in place but the nutrition side was lacking for me I was taught to use food as a tool to lose weight, to keep me going every day, to make healthy options to keep my weight at the numbers I liked looking at. I need to find some guidance to change that.

I was recommended to see Becky by a work colleague and my PT trainer  Aug/Sept before my event after trying things I knew I had to invest in Becky's assistance to achieve what I wanted to do, " cross the finish line".

My first appointment with Becky was fantastic, we went through my journey what I was wanting to achieve.


I had a few events to take part in as part of my training programme, 100km bike ride, a training camp 3 days, block training sessions and Becky provided me a plan of how I was going to get through these.

My last appointment was mainly about my FINAL event 1/2 Iron man, Becky emailed me a race day plan and I followed that without any hiccups - it worked and I felt great. Since then I have run a 1/2 marathon and am in training now to do another 1/2 Iron man this year with a few other events as well.

Becky's service and her approach to my needs were taken on board in my consultations every time.  She was so easy to talk to and listened to what I was wanting to achieve. Becky's services were an added bonus to an awesome year for me. I would recommend The Performance Pantry to anyone who needs guidance to getting the best out of the fuels that they are putting into their body. “

Crossing the line in Rotterdam!

Crossing the line in Rotterdam!


"Becky enlightened me on how to fuel my body to maximise it's output. My body responded within weeks of our first meeting and food became so much easier as a result of her support and forward planning. I was finally able to see results."

Semi-Finalists at The World Hip Hop Dance Championships, 2018

Semi-Finalists at The World Hip Hop Dance Championships, 2018


"Becky and The Performance Pantry are the real deal!! The advice and guidance she provided us throughout our preparation for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Phoenix, Arizona was outstanding. We have worked with other nutritionists and it is with absolute confidence that I say - she is the best! What sets her apart from others is that she understands the nutritional requirements of high performance athletes. Rather than providing us generic nutrition advice, she tailored a plan to suit our athletes based on their training pattern and competition schedule. She worked with our management team to ensure that this plan was executed through the travel, training and competition periods which we were very grateful for. She was invested in our success and it felt like she was of the team. It is this dedication and level of care for her clients that put Becky and The Performance Pantry head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you Becky for the amazing support!! “